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12-24 August 2023
As part of the Centenary Celebrations Archbishop Porteous has kindly arranged for a large article in the August edition for the Catholic Standard.
He will also ensure that every parish in Tasmania will have a message in their newsletter to promote the Centenary and that the Knights will be included in the Prayers of the Faithful on the weekend of the 27th at every Mass across Tasmania.
Parishes will also receive KSC Centenary Prayer Cards to distribute for 26/27 August. This will include a modified Knights Prayer for Parishioners and a "thank you" blessing and prayer from the Knights thanking all Tasmania Catholics who have assisted the Knights in their service over the last 100 years.

29 August 2023 - The Centenary of the Knights of the Southern Cross (Tasmania)
A Centenary mass will be held at 12 noon at our Lady of Lourdes Church, Stewart Street, Devonport. Mersey Levin Branch Members - current and past - will attend the Mass. They will be joined by Justin Maguire Deputy Chair of KSC State Council as well as some Brother Knights from Burnie-Somerset-Wynyard Branch. A celebratory lunch will follow. Other Parishes may have a KSC Centenary mass on the day.

30 August 2023
Burnie-Somerset-Wynyard Branch of the Knights will have a Centenary Mass at Sacred Heart Church Pelissier St, Somerset with lunch afterwards.
As part of the Centenary Celebrations it is planned that all current, life and past KSC (Tas) members will receive a Centenary Scarf. A "Certificate of Gratitude" will also be presented to each current, Life and past member.

KSC Centenary Prayer Card

Photo right of KSC Centenary Prayer Cards

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